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Let’s take a deeper dive inside and find out the crooked acts Wilmer, Texas is up to… follow along to see whos wasting your tax payer dollars.

Introducing your representation. Not much to see here.

Pay Close attention to Jeff Steele and Michael Halla in this story.

Jeff Steele

City Council sued him for withholding the agenda. A restraining order was filed against him. He likely enjoys kickbacks for approvals for big projects.

Allegedly Illegally annexed landowners in 2008 and did it again in 2022 with the help of Michael Halla with the City council. *See pending lawsuits

Sued Heran Patel, a private citizen, for defamation and LOST on 12-11-2023 and owes $16,000 in attorneys fees to HERAN PATEL.

1-30-2024 – LOST against EDD RD RV PARK LLC and cost the City of Wilmer over $500,000 in compounding damages + Interest.
Michael Manslaughter Halla

He was charged with two counts of Manslaughter for carelessly driving 80 mph+.

Allegedly Assisted Jeff Steele in illegally annexing landowners in 2008-2009 and again in 2022. *See pending lawsuits, *See past lawsuits (lost)

Allegedly Misguided city officials Jeff Steele, Rona Stringfellow, Shiela Petta, and Candimadigral to sue private citizen Heran Patel. They lost in court against Heran Patel on 12-11-2023 and now must pay Herans’ attorney fees.


1-30-2024 –
LOST against EDD RD RV PARK LLC and cost the City of Wilmer over $500,000 in compounding damages + Interest.
Shiela Petta

An Incompetent Mayor who is easily swayed by the opinion of others with no backbone. Not who you want to represent you.

Sued Heran Patel, a private citizen, for defamation and LOST in court on 12-11-2023 and owed Heran Patel’s attorney’s fees.

1-30-2024 –
LOST against EDD RD RV PARK LLC and cost the City of Wilmer over $500,000 in compounding damages + Interest.
Cherrel Charles

The city planner adopted as part of Rona Stringfellow’s Lancaster team to allegedly sell out Wilmer and slap a bunch of industrial development with no care for her people.

Update: as of Dec 2023, she was allegedly fired from her position at Wilmer for being a terrible city planner/
Rona Stringfellow

Allegedly Lancaster paid her over $300k+, but she chose to “retire,” likely because she was stealing money from the city. Wilmer picked her up for $130K+, and now she’s coasting the city into multiple lawsuits.

Oh, Rona Stringfellow City of Wilmer City Administrator. Tried to sue private citizen Heran Patel for defamation and LOST on 12-11-2023.

1-30-2024 –
LOST against EDD RD RV PARK LLC and cost the City of Wilmer over $500,000 in compounding damages + Interest.

On 1-30-2024, Judge Maria Aceves ruled in favor of EDD RD RV PARK LLC for Wilmer’s illegal acts. EDD was awarded over $500,000+ in damages for the actions performed by the City of Wilmer.

Wilmer Illegally annexed land owners in 2008…

The City of Wilmer attempted to illegally annex 25+ land owners in 2008, likely with ill advice from counsel (Michael Halla worked for the city during 2008 and currently in 2023). They were immediately challenged in court and played tireless games to exhaust the plaintiff, Carol Estes, who prevailed and won against the city. Michael Halla and Jeff Steele’s plan failed, but they could annex the landowners that did not fight/sue the city. They’re likely praying on the poor to advance their agenda, selling out Wilmer to Corporations looking to build.
The common denomination seems to be Jeff Steele and Michael Halla, who have a grip on power, and they know if either party loses their position, the playbook allegedly falls apart for the large industrial projects around town and the money may stop flowing into the pockets of people who may have the inside information for the last 10-15 years.

The corruption is evident when the City Council of Wilmer sues Jeff Steele for withholding the agenda. You can see someone does not like when things don’t go his way

Fast forward to 2022: The City of Wilmer did it again! Illegally annexing over 150+ Landowners.

You heard skippy right. The City of Wilmer thought it would be wise, under the same leadership as in 2008, Jeff Steele and Michael Manslaughter Halla, to annex 150+ innocent landowners without any notice. No letter, no new papers publishing, no attempt to notify the land owners living in the county around Wilmer all their life. A whistle-blower is the one who told all the landowners affected on the list Wilmer published on their online agenda. Some residents reached out concerned, even crying because they’re afraid they won’t afford the additional taxes imposed by the City of Wilmer.

Watch this Youtube video. During the 1st attempt to illegally annex land owners, a lawyer representing a few of the owners was able to STOP the illegal annexation. UNFORTUNATELY, the city annexed the landowners who could not act fast enough. They only had 48 hours to retain an attorney because Wilmer thought being sneaky was the American way.

NBC5 News Article: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/property-owners-worried-about-land-annexed-by-city-of-wilmer/3173430/


Robert Miklos with Miklos Cinclair firm (Now with K&L Gates (214) 939-5500) speaking during audience participation notifying the city he filed a lawsuit on behalf of a few landowners due to the illegal annexation attempt they were passing the night of this video. *See pending lawsuits

The City of Wilmer Attorney charged with manslaughter…

Shortly after attempting (2) of these illegal annexation attempts in 2022, Michael Halla was charged with manslaughter for striking two on the way to a city of Feris council meeting, allegedly going 80+ MPH based on cell phone data. Crazy. And the fact the City of Wilmer continues to contract him. He should be suspended immediately and wait until the charges are finalized… Halla likely is in a dire financial position, requiring funds to pay for his manslaughter charges, so allegedly milking the city and ill advising them allows him to cashflow his attorney bills.

Mugshot was taken Jan 2023 of Michael Boice Halla

Michael Halla was publically REPRIMANDED by Texas law investigatory panel in September 2022

Michael isn’t one to follow the law as much as you might think.. in 2022, the State of Texas Bar Association reprimanded him for trying to share attorney fees with a non-attorney.

See the link here for the fully executed judgment against Michael Boice Halla <—————– Link

Michael Halla is believed to be hanging on by a thread. He is known to kiss up to his fellow employees to ensure he remains in power. He allegedly accepts kickbacks with Jeff Steele over 12+ years running the town. Michael Boice Halla is known to have a losing record. When fighting important cases, you don’t want a losing attorney as city representation, let alone a personal case. He has lost three or more lawsuits for the City of Wilmer and continues to mislead council members and staff in the direction that best fits the agenda allegedly.

Update: Michael Boice Halla lost against EDD RD RV PARK LLC attorney Art Anderson at Winstead PC. on 1-30-2024 The 192nd court validated EDD RD RV PARK LLC’s position confirming they were illegally annexed by the City of Wilmer’s historical.

Your taxpayers dollars got spent on:
$332,000 awarded in attorneys fees to EDD RD RV PARK LLC
$225,000 – $445 day since 9-22-2022, adding up and counting
8.5% Interest

City Officials sue a private citizen for defamation and lose.

The story continues to get better! Your favorite incompetent city officials, Jeff Steele, Rona Crackfellow, Shiela Petta, Candi Madigral, and Manslaughter Michael Halla, all teamed up to sue Heran Patel in his private capacity as a citizen for Defamation. Unfortunately, they must have listened to the fast-talking Michael Halla for advice because it didn’t go too well for Jeff and Shiela Petta. Rona Stringfellow and Candi Madigral dropped out of the suit before losing to Heran Patel on 12-11-2023 under the Texas TCPA Motion to Dismiss. Now, the city officials owe Heran Patel $16,000 for wasting his time. Pretty soon, they’ll owe over $2,000,000 in damages and attorney fees related to other cases these city officials decided to get themself into.

city of wilmer sue private citizen heran patel and lose and now owe him his attorneys fees
City Councilmember, Ex-Mayor, and Long time Tyrant brags about losing multiple lawsuits.
City Of Wilmer Councilmember Jeff Steele, ex mayor, long time tyrant, belittles mobile home owners after Heran Patel tells him to pay the $16,000 awarded to him by Judge Moye related to the defamation case he lost.

Pending Lawsuits

The damage ensues.. the City of Wilmer has now upset 150+ landowners for no reason. Attempting to annex them, bringing them into the City of Wilmer, taxing them, all while providing them no utility services, some residents are still on water wells! Review below the 20+ residents suing the City of Wilmer for illegally attempting to annex their property in late 2022.

Pending lawsuits are listed below (Click the link to download the lawsuit filing)
1. EDD RD RV PARK V. CITY OF WILMER et al Update: 1-30-2024 – EDD RD RV PARK LLC – Won against the City of Wilmer. Wilmer is responsible for over $530,000+ in damages to EDD RD RV PARK LLC – Thanks to Jeff Steele and Michael Halla, Shiela Petta, Rona Stringfellow, Pamela Wash, Candi Madigral who all cowardly attempted to illegally halt EDD’s development.
2. Bill Wickliffe & all v. The City of Wilmer

5. USAR, LLC, et al vs. THE CITY OF WILMER, et al